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      HYTORC is used more often, by more industries on more applications than all other brands combined. Worldwide Warranty “YOU BREAK IT UNDER NORMAL USE.... WE FIX IT FREE OF CHARGE”
STEALTH Torque Wrenches
The HYTORC Stealth is the logical choice for restricted headroom as well as applications with non standard or extra length studs. HYTORC Stealth hex links are available in imperial, metric, 6-point, and 12- point configurations in heavy hex / mm sizes.  The HYTORC Stealth provides unmatched performance in (6) tool sizes ranging from 278 ft. lbs. minimum to 34,700 ft. lbs. maximum torque!
•  Secure Click-in Hex Links without Pins or Screws •  Patented Dual Piston System for Fast Operation •  Upgradeable for use with HYTORC Tensioning Systems •  Slim, Light-Weight, Super-Alloy Design to Fit on All Applications •  Uniswivel technology for free movement and positioning of tool and hoses •  Available with Square Drive Conversion Link for use with hex and allen sockets